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Vortex Water Revitalizer
Cat testimony

Cat testimony

. . . she [our cat] wouldn't drink. All of a sudden when we changed to the VWR water, not only is she drinking, but she is drinking a LOT! Something about the composition of the water has changed to make it attractive to our cat.
K Tanner
Testimony #40

A Revolution in Physical Water Treatment

Water has certain ways that it likes move about. When forced to go in ways contrary to its nature, it loses some of its vitality (ability to perform as it usually does). Its preferred molecular structures become bruised. In other words, how the water molecules clump together changes. That change in the micro-structure of the water molecules affect how easily it is absorbed by people, animals, plants and inorganic material.

In unhindered steams in nature we see that water likes to meander, turn over on itself in vortex patterns which produce many small implosions. Explosions, the opposite of implosions, are known for causing heat, damage and destruction to the environment because of the outward direction of energy. Implosions, part of Mother Nature's life forming energetic process, direct the energy inwards. Water thus reabsorbs and recycles this energy, cleansing itself from foreign stuff through these implosions.

The Vortex Water Revitalizer, sends water through a double helix, DNA type cycloid curved spiral flow-form which creates a powerful vortex induced implosion in the water. By using the power of vortex induced implosions via flow dynamics, the Vortex Water Revitalizer transforms the water and restores its innate powers. It brings the water closer to the way it originally was created.

The concept of “living water”, as introduced by Viktor Schauberger, has allowed hundreds of technological innovations. Schauberger’s insights about vortex energy have made it possible to create the products that restore the natural healing energies contained in water. We founded our website to provide people all over the world with a viable and proven solution for water purification. Be amazed as the VWR serves to rejuvenate and purify water, making it more beneficial to all forms of life.

 Here at AliveWaterStore.com, we provide the VWR in several different models, a home water purification system, shower filters, and drinking water filters.  (Although we use the terms "filter, filters, and filtration," the VWR enlivens and purifies the water, but does not "filter" it.)  Join our cause and experience the benefits of “living water” today! We encourage our customers to ask us questions about the concepts of the VWR, and about the products offered on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us. For more information about the VWR and water purification, click on this link: VWR information site. (Some of the above links will not work properly until you have first clicked on this link.)

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