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Vortex Water Revitalizer
Cat testimony

Cat testimony

. . . she [our cat] wouldn't drink. All of a sudden when we changed to the VWR water, not only is she drinking, but she is drinking a LOT! Something about the composition of the water has changed to make it attractive to our cat.
K Tanner
Testimony #40

A Revolution in Physical Water Treatment

The Vortex Water Revitalizer (VWR) is based upon scientific research that has prompted a revolution in physical water treatment. The VWR performs an essential function that stretches well beyond what home water purification can accomplish. The VWR leads water into a double spiral, which creates a powerful vortex energy field that is an effective water revitalizer and returns it to its natural state. Here at AliveWaterStore.com, we provide the VWR in several different models, a home water purification system, shower filters, and drinking water filters.  (Although we use the terms "filter, filters, and filtration," the VWR enlivens and purifies the water, but does not "filter" it.)

The VWR uses Mother Nature's own methods of generating energy within the water, which is the force that drives the dramatic water revitalizer within water treated with an VWR. The result of utilizing an VWR is that water's self-cleaning ability is reestablished, and the water is restructured on a molecular level. The Vortex Water Revitalizer breathes life into water, and restores its health. With or without other water filters, use the VWR to revitalize water and create the best water on the planet. Get the home water treatment systems you've been looking for at the best quality on the market. Shop through our home water treatment systems today for a great price.

The concept of “living water”, as introduced by Viktor Schauberger, has allowed hundreds of technological innovations. Schauberger’s insights about vortex energy have made it possible to create the products that restore the natural healing energies contained in water. We founded our website to provide people all over the world with a viable and proven solution for water purification. Be amazed as the VWR serves to rejuvenate and purify water, making it more beneficial to all forms of life.

Join our cause and experience the benefits of “living water” today! We encourage our customers to ask us questions about the concepts of the VWR, and about the products offered on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us. For more information about the VWR and water purification, click on this link: VWR information site. (Some of the above links will not work properly until you have first clicked on this link.)

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