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Shower of Life Deluxe VWR
Shower of Life Deluxe VWR
The Shower of Life Deluxe VWR has a little flowform in it which makes the water go into a vortex. The water is split into two streams forming a double spiral. This creates a strong vortex energy field that revitalizes and purifies your water. To install, just detach your existing showerhead, screw on the revitalizer and screw your showerhead on the other end of the revitalizer. Anytime during the day you can now have a re-energizing shower of life.

We provide the vortex action that revitalizes the water. You provide your choice of showerheads. We do not sell or supply showerheads.

People have stated that their skin became noticeably softer and had a healthy, shiny glow. They used less shampoo and conditioner and had less itching problems from using the shower vortex water revitalizer. Please go to the ALIVE WATER link on the Links page and then navigate to testimonies #9, #13, and #24 on the testimonials page there for the full text of these testimonials. You will find that some people who chose to purchase this model now get their drinking water, cooking water and water for their plants from the shower and consider it a real blessing.

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