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Vortex Water Revitalizer | Water Purifier | Replacement Water Filter
Cat Testimonial

Cat Testimonial

. . . she [our cat] wouldn't drink. All of a sudden when we changed to the VWR water, not only is she drinking, but she is drinking a LOT! Something about the composition of the water has changed to make it attractive to our cat.
K Tanner
Testimonial #40

Oxygenated Water, Water Restoration, and Home Water Purifier

More essential than a water filter, the Vortex Water Treatment is nature's way for water to cleanse and restructure itself into the delightful, invigorating, life-giving substance it was in the past. The double helix type spiral found in the revitalized water, as it is found in the DNA of all living things, is used to bring water back to the flow patterns that generate life. Browse through our selection of Oxygenated Water Products, Water Restoration Products and Home Water Purifier Products today for the best quality anywhere. Our revitalized water products and Vortex water treatment products are affordable for every home and everyone.

The Vortex Water Revitalizer, or VWR, goes far beyond what a water filtration system, reverse osmosis system, or water distiller can accomplish. The vortex energy field generated by the VWR’s flow restores natural energy to water. The dissolved oxygen content increases to its natural level, while the scent and taste of the water draw closer to that of nature's best. Water treated with the VWR water purifier smells and tastes like the same water that wells up from mountain springs, cascades down alpine waterfalls, and flows through cool streams fed by thawing glaciers.

Utilizing a VWR makes water forget the torturous miles of narrow pipes and sharp turns that man has forced it to travel. VWRs bring back the memory of meandering streams, creeks, and rivers, restoring the water to its natural state. Just imagine the sounds of water rushing over rocks, birds chirping, and wind rustling the trees as the VWR functions as a water revitalizer to produce cool, clear, and clean water as nature intended. Revitalized water smells, tastes, and feels like the purest water in the world.

The scientific principles for the VWR were developed in Europe almost a hundred years ago by a man named Viktor Schauberger, who developed theories based on fluidic vortices and movement in nature. Schauberger’s research caused him to conclude that water was a living substance, or at least a substance that behaved as such, and because of this he made some astounding discoveries about water movement in nature. Using Schauberger’s principles, we can enhance the taste and properties of the water we drink, wash with, and use to grow plants and vegetables.

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