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Cat Testimonial

Cat Testimonial

. . . she [our cat] wouldn't drink. All of a sudden when we changed to the VWR water, not only is she drinking, but she is drinking a LOT! Something about the composition of the water has changed to make it attractive to our cat.
K Tanner
Testimonial #40

Oxygenated Water, Water Restoration, and Home Water Purifier

Water is the most amazing substance on earth. Science has declared this for centuries. One of the things that is not common knowledge about water is that it is the best solvent on earth. It dissolves more substances then any other matter. When it dissolves something, part of that thing is absorbed into the water.  In some cases physical particles are absorbed, in other cases only the vibrational characteristics are absorbed. Many people know that when spring water passes through an iron field, it picks up the taste of iron. When it passes through a sulfur field it picks up the smell of sulfur. What they don't know is that when it passes through an emotional field it also picks up something from that emotion.

Dr. Masuru Emoto wrote several books describing with photographs some of the effects that music, words, and thoughts directed at water produced. Water responds differently to different kinds of music, words, and thoughts. This demonstrates the effects of emotional fields on water.

Researchers at the Aerospace Institute in Stuttgart, Germany showed that water is so sensitive that while water drops put on a microscope slide by one person produces one basic pattern as the water dried, those placed there by another person produced a different basic pattern. All the drops were taken from the same water source and and placed on the slides at the same time by a lecture hall full of people.  All the drops from each person produced the same basic pattern, but different from that of all those of any other person. (Reference: The Mystery of Water – What we know is a drop, Video on YouTube by Grander Water.)

In the Documentary, Water: the Great Mystery, the narrator says “Any substance that comes into contact with the water leaves a trace in the water. … As it records information, water acquires new properties, yet its chemical composition remains unchanged.” In the same video shortly after that, Professor Rustrum Roy of the State University of Pennsylvania says, “The structure of water is much more important than the chemical composition.” (Note this 2008 documentary, produced by Saida Medvedeva et al., is available for purchase on Amazon.com

The scientific principles for the VWR were developed in Europe a little less than a hundred years ago by a man named Viktor Schauberger, who developed theories based on fluidic vortices and movement in nature. Schauberger’s research caused him to conclude that water was a living substance, or at least a substance that behaved as such, and because of this he made some astounding discoveries about water movement in nature. Using Schauberger’s principles, we can enhance the taste and properties of the water we drink, wash with, and use to grow plants and vegetables.

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