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About Us
Alive Water Store is a division of Fire Health, Inc. Fire Health, later Fire Health, Inc. was established in 1994 with a three pronged purpose of 1. Providing the tools people need to promote health like a roaring fire in the physical realm through exceptional nutritional and related products; 2. To design away unhealthy building fires through engineered sprinkler systems; and 3. To assist people in the spiritual realm to be released through the "consuming fire" nature of God instead of being destroyed by it.

More than forty years ago, the cofounder Elman Brozovsky won an award for his research on methods of growing alfalfa sprouts. In graduate school he studied biomedical engineering while researching the effects of laser radiation on live blood flow. Later, he became a fire protection engineer. After finding some products that were much better than anything he had previously heard about, he started Fire Health to sell those products. The cofounder Jan Brozovsky (Hsu, Ya-chin) comes from an oriental background and is a registered nurse practitioner specializing in geriatrics and semi-acute adult care.

When Elman was still three years old he committed his life to showing people that there was "something more". That “something more” refers to the person and ways of God. AliveWaterStore.com provides products that use some little known natural laws, that is, laws of God, to increase the life enhancing properties of the water in and around us. And it does so without contributing to the 60,000,000 plastic drinking bottles thrown away daily in America.

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