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Kitchen Super Deluxe VWR
Kitchen Super Deluxe VWR
After drinking water from the Revitalizer, you will want to bring this water with you always. The Kitchen Super Deluxe VWR is essentially the exact same concept as the shower model. The only difference is in the fittings and the high quality Italian aerator with two modes. It can either spray or aerate.

It can easily be installed on your bathroom facet as well - clean, fresh, alive water for brushing your teeth!

A nurse said that the Kitchen Super Deluxe VWR is incredibly simple to install, it caused sickening water odors to be gone, and it made her willing to drink water now. Another person tells us that the water structure changed, the water became sweeter and easier to drink, and the water reduced how much their dog shed its fur. Please go to the ALIVE WATER link on the Links page, then navigate to testimonies #10 and #22 for the full text of these testimonies.

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