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River of Life VWR (Whole House)
River of Life VWR (Whole House)

The River of Life VWR Models are adding a second river dynamic to the double spiral flow form used in the Voprtexl Water Revitalizer models. This extra flow dynamic is adding an intricate flow pattern to the water as it is traveling through the double spiral flow form. As the water fllows through the River of Life it is alternating between longer turns and shorter turns within the double spiral flow form further enhancing the revitalizing process similar to a lively creek running down a mountain. All the benefits from the already proven VWR are likely to be enhanced in the River of Life VWR models. Both VWR models are looking fairly simple to the eye however, both are facilitating rather complex flow forms resulting in a total transformation of the water and whatever is in the water. The River of Life models are more expensive and are our 'luxury models'. They are very costly to manufacture and have demonstrated very promising results.

As one of those people who have tried both the standard VWR and the River of Life VWR, I, the writer of this blurb, have noticed that the River of Life VWR performed significantly better than the standard model in eliminating unpleasant odors in the unwashed, dried bath towels 24 hours after taking a shower in my home. The standard models reduced the unpleasant odors by sixty percent; the River of Life model reduced the remaining odors by another sixty percent leaving about fifteen percent of the original odors. Now, a year after installation of the River of Life VWR, often there are no unpleasant odors, yet sometimes there are some odors. If you would like to hear more about this, please call or email me as directed on the "Contact Us" page. You too can soon be receiving marvelous benefits with this deluxe whole house model. Choose the size that fits your house water supply and order it now.

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